How to Install a Garage Door Rubber Seal

There are a number of Garage Door rubber Sealing which you can install on the exterior sides and top of your garage door to prevent leaking. To install a garage door seal, you need to have a flat surface, preferably concrete, and drill holes for the mounting brackets. After you have drilled holes you will then mount the brackets to the surface with stainless steel or aluminum screws. Then you will fasten a piece of Velcro cable wrap or double sided tape to hold the brackets in place.

There are a number of Garage Door Sealers which you are able to purchase from most home improvement stores. The majority of these come in plastic tubes, but there are some which are constructed from metal sheets. If you decide on using a metal garage door seal, you will need to make sure that the surface is clean and dust free before installation. The first thing you will want to do before installing the material is to sand the area down so that the insulating material will adhere to it properly.
There are a number of reasons why you might want to use these garage door seals to keep out moisture. One of the reasons is to keep out dampness which can result in rotting and other structural problems for your floor. Another reason to use one of these products is to keep out the elements such as rain, snow, and ice, which could potentially damage your garage floor and cause it to crack.
Another component of a new garage door seal you will want to install is a rubber seal called a gasket. A gasket is made from an elastic material which is slightly stronger than standard plastic and vinyl. Because it has a stronger plastic base gaskets are able to withstand much more pressure when filled with snow, rain, and ice. The gasket is installed inside the foam insulation that is usually located between the door and the ceiling or on either side. Before you install the gasket, make sure that all of the hardware has been placed and that it is completely clean.
One of the most important parts of installing a garage door rubber seal is to install the gasket correctly. To do this you will want to first secure the track to the ceiling so that the gasket is properly set up. Once the track is secured the next step is to measure where the hole in the top of the door would be. This hole will be located where the bottom of the rubber seal will be. Once you have located the hole, you will then want to nail the gasket to this hole.
The easiest way to fasten the gasket to the track is to use some type of heavy duty mounting brackets. You can buy these at any home improvement store or hardware store. Once you have the brackets in place you will want to fasten the track by nailing the track into the foam insulation. After this is done you should secure the rubber seal to the ceiling. To finish things off, you should run the final few nails along the bottom of the door to hold everything in place.